Participate in one of our guided or self-directed wellness challenges to create positive habits in a fun way. Receive support and guidance while working on your physical fitness, nutrition habits, environmental footprint, or relationship with technology. Challenges last two to four weeks and typically include text or email reminders, a tracker for monitoring progress, and information to guide change. Challenges can be completed individually, or invite the office to join for an office-wide event!

Guided Challenges


Carbon Footprint

Learn how to reduce your carbon footprint with this two-week email challenge. Receive an email every other day with tips for altering your environmental impact and watch your carbon footprint decrease!

circular logo of plant growing out of half otf the globe with text CO2 footprint


Digital Detox

Join this 30-day challenge to develop healthy boundaries with technology. Receive daily emails with tangible and specific guidelines for altering your technology consumption. Based on the book “How to Break Up With Your Phone” by Catherine Price.

various cell phones and electronic cables with wooden tiles spelling out digital detox


Get Gritty

Learn tools for improving resilience with this four-week challenge. Topics include cognitive restructuring, gratitude, self-compassion, boundary-setting, and sleep hygiene.

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Explore four different styles of meditation with this 4-week challenge. Learn loving-kindness, mindfulness, and transcendence through self-guided sessions.

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Sleep Challenge

Join this 28-day sleep challenge to monitor your sleep practices and receive tips for improving your sleep hygiene.

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Self-Directed Challenges

total wellness

12 Tweaks to a Healthier You

Participate in this whole-health wellness challenge to improve your diet, sleep habits, financial habits, physical fitness, and emotional wellbeing. Participate at your own pace.

Plant-based options

Goal Setting

S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Whether it’s finding spiritual balance, eating healthier, focusing on self improvement, or overcoming physical fitness boundaries, we all need help. Submit your S.M.A.R.T. goals and receive personalized assistance.

sheet of paper with goals


Money 2020

Engage with this one-year challenge for developing and implementing your budget. Topics include paying off debt, preparing for the holidays, giving, and spending fasts.

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