Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing for GatorCare Members

GatorCare has contracted with PreventionGenetics Labs to perform medically necessary genetic testing for our members.  Testing through PreventionGenetics is covered at the Tier 1 level of benefits – this means that the Tier 1 CY Deductible is waived and the member is responsible for 10% of the contracted rate (except for the Healthy Rewards HRA and HSA compatible plans, where the CY Deductible applies).

PreventionGenetics has an exceptional reputation and a large testing library.  The lab’s website,, contains the test descriptions by gene and by disease, as well as the specimen requirements and shipping instructions.

Cytogenetic testing such as chromosomes, microarray studies and cancer cytogenetics should still be sent to UF

GatorCare has contracted with Heather Stalker, MSc, CGC, a board certified genetic counselor to assist with:

  • Selection of appropriate test products, when requested
  • Determination of medical necessity
  • Assistance in reviewing/interpreting significance of results of testing, when requested

Requests for genetic testing will need to be submitted directly to Heather by fax or secure email, and should include a completed genetic Testing Requisition Form.    You may be asked to submit additional medical records.  Requests will be reviewed for medical necessity and to determine if the most appropriate test is being requested.

Heather can be reached by email at, or by fax at (352) 294-8058.