GatorCare is a Direct Service Organization of the University of Florida established in 2013 to reduce health care costs, and promote access to quality health care and innovative health and wellness solutions for the employees and families of employer groups of the University of Florida and the University of Florida Health and its affiliates. GatorCare’s mission is to improve the quality of life of those we serve through affordable health benefits and impactful wellness solutions.


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  1. Jun 11

  2. Jun 14

    1. JumpStart

      12:00pm to 12:15pm

  3. Jun 15

    1. Build

      12:00pm to 12:15pm

  4. Jun 16

    1. Borrowing Basics

      12:00pm to 1:00pm

    2. Relax

      12:00pm to 12:15pm

  5. Jun 17

    1. Unwind

      12:00pm to 12:15pm


June 2021

Men’s Health Month

Enhance men’s health this June by heightening awareness of preventable health problems in men, encouraging early detection, and promoting participation in preventative care and wellness programs. These resources compiled by UF-UF Health Wellness focus on physical and emotional wellness for men.

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UF-UF Health Employees

Become a Wellness Partner

Bring wellness to your workplace by becoming a Wellness Partner. Wellness Partners collaborate with the UF-UF Health Wellness team. They play a vital role in promoting upcoming programs and help create a culture of wellness in the workplace.

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UF Health Employees

2021 Annual Wellness Events

UF Health benefits-eligible employees are eligible to participate in a free wellness screening this year! Screenings will be held at various offsite locations this June and will cover height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, and health coaching. Benefits-eligible employees will receive a $25 gift card by participating.

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UF-UF Health wellness programs

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