GatorCare is a Direct Service Organization of the University of Florida established in 2013 to reduce health care costs, and promote access to quality health care and innovative health and wellness solutions for the employees and families of employer groups of the University of Florida and the University of Florida Health and its affiliates. GatorCare’s goal is to improve the quality of life of those we serve through affordable health benefits and impactful wellness solutions.


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Live Webinar: August 25th from 12:30-1:00pm

Navigating Social Dining With Ease

Holidays, celebrations, work events, or just a simple night out with friends can be a great time to connect with others and an opportunity to indulge in delicious food. Yet, an abundance of food at such events can get overwhelming, making us feel out of control and uneasy for overeating. Join us for a live webinar on August 25th at 12:30pm to get practical tools and tips for mindful eating at social gatherings so you can enjoy holidays and get-together guilt-free.


LIve Webinar: September 14th at 1pm

Launch Years Presentation

Our twenties can feel overwhelming as we try to plan for career, relationships, and longevity. If you’re a twenty-something, or you care about a twenty-something, join our live webinar on September 14th at 1pm to learn how to takeoff on a successful life in your twenties and support the twenty-something in your life. The Launch Years is a less-stress approach to occupational, social, and overall wellness in your twenties.


180+ healthy recipes!

Healthy Back to School Recipe Guide

With a new school year and a new routine, adjusting can be tough. Lessen your stress with our helpful Healthy Back to School recipe guide. Our guide features tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes —all 500 calories or less.

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