GatorCare is a Direct Service Organization of the University of Florida established in 2013 to reduce health care costs, and promote access to quality health care and innovative health and wellness solutions for the employees and families of employer groups of the University of Florida and the University of Florida Health and its affiliates. GatorCare’s goal is to improve the quality of life of those we serve through affordable health benefits and impactful wellness solutions.


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May wellness resource

Talk About It

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this year, we encourage you to share educational infographics to your social media platforms to help normalize mental health.

Interested in participating? Download the infographics below and start sharing to your social media with the hashtag #GCtalkaboutit. 

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May Wellness resource

Mental Health Blog

Mental health problems are common, but not widely discussed. The best way to decrease stigma and learn about mental health is to educate yourself and become an advocate. Start today!

Our blog series on mental health teaches skills for coping with anxiety, recognizing symptoms of depression, helping a friend with suicidal thoughts, and supporting underserved populations.

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