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Please note that the option for in-person wellness workshops may vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to location, scheduling, and availability of our wellness team members. All our wellness workshops are accessible via live stream format, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from our workshops, regardless of location or other factors.

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heart-shaped plate filled with avocado, nuts, and dried fruit, surrounded by stethoscope with light blue sneakers nearby

15-30 minutes

Intro to Wellness

This presentation is a perfect addition to your next staff meeting! You will gain practical tips on how to improve your wellbeing at work and learn how to access all of the current wellness opportunities and offerings available to you.

Physical Wellness

15-45 minutes


Feeling tied to your desk lately? You’re not alone. Many American workers have a desk job and are sedentary six to eight hours a day. In this presentation, you will learn fun and easy ways to build activity into your workday– often without even leaving your desk!

woman seated at desk chair, one leg extended

45-60 Minutes

Ergonomics 101

Do you often experience back, neck, and shoulder pain? Does your body constantly feel tense, tight, or achy? Our ergonomics webinar is designed for office workers and those with musculoskeletal pain. In this webinar, we will discuss how to decrease fatigue, reduce pain and discomfort, and improve productivity.

Ergo Logo

30-45 Minutes

Go Green

Want to learn ways to make greener choices? Learn what it means to be eco-friendly and recognize the personal and environmental benefits through this workshop. In addition, explore simple ways to work toward living a zero-waste and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Go Green Challenge

30-45 Minutes

Hustle for that Muscle

Do you feel as though your fitness routine lacks structure, you aren’t seeing the progress you would like, or overall discouraged? In this workshop you will learn how to structure a workout designed for fat loss and muscle gain, how to eat for the best results, and more.

Hustle for that Muscle

30-60 Minutes

Peaceful ZZZs

Feeling like sleep is more of a luxury than a necessity these days? Learn how to get better quality and increase the quantity of your sleep through this informational presentation.

peaceful zzzs sleep program logo

30-60 Minutes

Resistance Band Training

The CDC recommends adults do at least 2 days of muscle-building activity each week. Did you know that using a resistance band to exercise is a form of strength training? Before you spend money on a fancy home gym, take this course to learn about ways to fit resistance band training into your life.

Resistance Band Training


15-30 Minutes

Eating Well on a Budget

Eating well doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. With this workshop, learn the basics of nutrition, practical tips for grocery shopping on a budget, and easy ways to cook healthy at home!

Eating Well on a budget

15-30 Minutes

Eating/Drinking for Energy

It’s not always easy to find time for yourself or to provide nourishing fuel for your body. While reaching for an item from the vending machine might be convenient, they don’t provide the energy our body needs to perform our best. Learn how to use nutrition to your advantage and sustain your energy all day long.

Eating & Drinking for Energy

30-45 minutes

Meal Prep 101

Learn to prepare tasty, nutritious meals in advance so that you can have healthy options on hand throughout your week. This practical workshop will empower you with tools to improve your overall health, save you time and money, and remove stress from daily life.

meal planner

30-45 Minutes

Meal Prepping FAQ’s

Ever wonder how to incorporate more veggies into your meals? Or how to avoid the temptation of weekly office donuts? Or easy family-friendly meals to make? Get your meal-prepping questions answered and learn to make nutritious meals for the week with this practical workshop.

Meal Prep

30-45 minutes

Mindful Eating

Weight management isn’t only what and how much you eat – it’s also about how you relate to food, eating, and your body. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use mindfulness to cultivate a healthier relationship with food that can result in achievable weight management.

mindful eating logo

30-45 Minutes

Navigating Social Dining with Ease

Holidays, celebrations, work events, or just a simple night out with friends can be a great time to connect with others and an opportunity to indulge in delicious food. Yet, an abundance of food at such events can get overwhelming, making us feel out of control and uneasy about overeating. This workshop teaches practical tools and tips for mindful eating at social gatherings so you can enjoy holidays and get-togethers guilt-free.


15-30 Minutes

Nutrition Label 101

Navigating a nutrition label can be confusing. In this workshop learn the purpose of nutrition labels, and gain an understanding of the different components, and which nutrients to limit while increasing your confidence in making healthier choices.

Nutrition Labels 101

45-60 Minutes

Nutrition for Kids

Starting healthy habits is much easier when you are a kid. Start the kids in your life off right with the knowledge and skills to make healthy nutrition decisions. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter, or caregiver, this interactive presentation is sure to teach you something new about kids and their nutritional needs.

Nutrition for Kids

30-45 Minutes

Smart Snacking

Calling all fellow snackers! Not all snacks are equally convenient, satiating, and yummy. Learn how to prepare healthy snacks that will keep you satisfied all day long as well as other nutrition tips through this interactive workshop.

Smart Snacking

30-45 Minutes

That’s Oil Folks!

Maybe an unpopular opinion for some, but FAT IS GOOD! Our bodies need fat to survive, but when it comes to cooking oil, how do you know which ones are heart-healthy? This presentation will break down how to use different oils, dispel common myths, and provide examples of how to use them.

That's Oil Folks!

30-45 Minutes

The Importance of Food Safety!

Curious about the ins and outs of food safety? During this workshop, learn evidence-based information about foodborne illnesses and practical ways to help prevent them with four basic food safety principles: Clean, Cook, Chill, and Separate.

Importance of Food Safety

Emotional Wellness

30-60 minutes

Beyond the Stress Ball

This powerful workshop offers practical tools for managing stress that go beyond traditional advice. You’ll learn how effective thinking, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques can lower your stress level and increase your quality of life.

beyond the stress ball

60-90 Minutes

Check the Facts: Unwind your Negative Thoughts

This presentation is centered around CBT (cognitive behavior therapy) techniques and strategies for unwinding negative thoughts. Learn to recognize when our minds are engaging in negative and distorted thinking, check the facts of the situation, and reframe them while explaining ways to increase emotional awareness while learning how to handle distress and powerful emotions in the moment.


60-90 minutes

Happiness Hacks

According to “The How of Happiness,” 10% of our happiness is determined by our circumstances, 50% is determined by genetics, and 40% is determined by our thoughts and actions. Learn how to tap into that 40% with twelve science-backed strategies.

curly-haired woman laughing with golden glow around her

15-30 minutes

Mastering Meditation

Have you heard of all the great things that meditation can do, but just aren’t sure where to start? Learn all about the history, the different types, and the tips & tricks you need to dive in to the practice, regardless of your prior experience.

woman sitting in meditation pose next to water during beautiful sunset

30-45 minutes

Plants and Mental Health

Did you know that plants aren’t just pretty to look at, but can have a positive effect on our wellbeing? During this workshop, we will be highlighting the benefits of plants and the ways plants reduce anxiety, depression, and stress while boosting productivity and creativity.


30-90 Minutes

Shaping Your Next Normal

Adversity can shape you instead of breaking you, but only if you know how to harness it. Learn strategies for accepting your current circumstances and shaping your “next normal.”

woman holding a cup of coffee, seated in front of laptop, looking at viewer

45-60 Minutes

Spirituality & Wellness

Curious about how to tap into your spiritual side? What about how spirituality and wellness go hand in hand? Hone in on your personal spirituality and learn ways to practice spirituality including crystal/gemstone therapy, religion/prayer, nature, and meditation/mindfulness.


Occupational Wellness

30-45 minutes

Boost: Transform Your Energy

Today’s fast-paced work environment often leaves us with little to no energy to devote to the things outside of work that matter most. Learn how to work more efficiently, take more effective work breaks, and transform your energy.

work station with laptop, croissants, hot cocoa, and a journal

30-45 minutes

Digital Detox

Are you part of the 75% of Americans who think unplugging periodically would benefit your mental health? Have you avoided it because you’re not sure how to start? This workshop covers several habit changes that can help you improve your relationship with technology.

various cell phones and electronic cables with wooden tiles spelling out digital detox

30-90 minutes

Team Building

Improve your communication skills, get to know your team members, and develop new team habits with these fun team-building activities.

coworkers sitting around a desk celebrating together

30-60 minutes

Work-Life Alignment

Do you want more say in your life? Creating alignment in our life is a skill that can help you connect with your purpose and create meaning in your life, whether you’re at home, at work, or at play.

Dress shoe next to a sneaker