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Employee Wellness

Our mission is to promote a culture of wellness for all UF Health Jacksonville employees. We want to encourage work-life effectiveness and create an optimal environment for patient healing and satisfaction. Visit our webpage on the Bridge to learn more about our program and upcoming events!


Employee Wellness in Jacksonville offers a variety of programs that encourage employee well-being. Some of the services offered to GatorCare members include:

  • Weekly Wellness Webinars
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Health Coaching
  • Chronic-Condition Resource Programs (including diabetes, hypertension, and obesity)
  • Massage Clinic
  • Employee Lending Library

In addition to these services, UF Health Jacksonville offers Wellness Resources and Urgent Care Help to assist you in times of need.

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Our offices are located at 1910 N. Jefferson St., Jacksonville, FL. We are positioned next to the South Parking Garage (in former Cancer Care Center Building).

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Employee Wellness is available to work directly with your department to fit your group’s unique needs. Contact us today for help designing a program for your area using the link below, or call (904) 244-9355.

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