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Case Management

Members who are facing a complex health problem or a chronic condition (i.e. diabetes, asthma, COPD, etc.) can enroll in Case Management. Florida Blue has condition programs that can help members stay on track and lets members choose how they want to engage with us. Get a full overview of this program by clicking the button below.

FB Programs

for members enrolled in Care Management programs


Florida Blue members enrolled in our Care Management programs have specialized support available to them. By downloading the BlueForMe app, members have access to services designed to help them attain their health goals. We know that managing a health conditions can be tough, but your Care Team is here to help.


Advanced Illness Care and Planning

If members are dealing with an advance illness, a trained clinical specialist can help them to lay out their advanced directives to ensure their care aligns with their wishes. Members also get hospice and palliative care services, should they need them. Members can reach out to the Florida Blue Care Team at 844-730-2583 or click the link below to learn more.

Florida Blue Programs

Florida Blue Support Centers

Members can get one-on-one support from a Florida Blue Center nurse, community specialist or local sales and service specialist, such as answers to questions on how their health plan works, assistance in finding providers, wellness programs and community resources. Members can visit the Florida Blue site below or call 877-352-5830 to talk to a member of their local Florida Blue Center team.

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Next Steps Health Coaching

To support your journey towards optimal health, Florida Blue offers free health coaching to all of its members who are ages 18+. Meet with a Registered Nurse Certified Health Coach through phone or email to discuss health and wellness topics that matter to you.