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Are you passionate about bringing wellness to your workplace? Become a part of the UF-UF Health wellness community! Learn how to get involved below. Take the first step and subscribe to our Wellness Newsletter to stay informed of our upcoming programs and events.

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Wellness Partner

Any UF/UF Health Employee

A Wellness Partner is a representative from a department across UF or UF Health who plays a vital role in supporting employee wellness. A partner disseminates information, coordinates programs for their workplace, and encourages participation in wellness initiatives. Partners also provide valuable feedback to help the UF & UF Health Wellness Committee build a culture of health.

How do I become a Wellness Partner?

First, you will need to obtain supervisory approval to act in this role for your unit or college. Next, complete a brief online application (Note: All eligible applicants will be approved). Afterwards, you will be contacted by Wellness Committee Chair Mallory Rubek to welcome you to the new role and set up a welcome call.


Contact Mallory Rubek (UF Health GatorCare) with any questions you might have prior to applying.

Wellness Resource Partner

Any UF Health Nursing Employee

The Wellness Resource Partner (WRP) is a nursing employee who demonstrates a dedication to wellness and promotes a healthy and supportive work culture by bringing new and relevant wellness initiatives to their unit. The WRP functions as a role model, coach, and change agent through sharing, mentoring, and supporting the health and wellbeing of their fellow employees.

How do I become a Wellness Resource Partner?

First, review the Roles and Responsibilities with your manager and complete the WRP Application including your manager’s signature. Next, send a copy of the completed application to Lauren Arce, Nurse Coordinator, and Jean Bulmer, Director of Nursing Education. Lauren Arce to will then be in touch to schedule your orientation.


Contact Abi Loose (GatorCare) and Lauren Arce (Arts in Medicine) with any questions or for more information.