Master of Personal Finance

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The Master of Personal Finance series supplies you with all the foundational knowledge and skills you need to take control of your finances. Learn how to negotiate your salary, pay off student loans, and so much more!

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Master of Personal Finance

MPF Syllabus

Schedule your progress and take notes on each course.

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Talking Salary

Build your confidence in negotiating compensation.

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Benefits Basics

Understand the benefits your employer may offer you.

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Paying Loans

Plan how you will pay off your student loans faster.

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Build Credit

Learn what factors affect your credit score and how to improve it.

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Start Saving

Decide which type of savings account is best for you.

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Financial EMT

Understand the importance of building an emergency fund.

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Learn a few extra tips to improve your financial wellness.

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Below are a few supplemental worksheets meant to accompany some of the above courses. The orange subtitles indicate which course the worksheet corresponds to.

MPF2101: Paying loans

Debt Tracker

Track each payment you make towards paying off your debts!

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MPF3101: Start Saving

Savings Tracker

Watch as you close in on your biggest financial goals!

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MPF3102: Financial emt

Emergency Fund Calculator

Calculate how much you need to build your emergency fund!

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