Peaceful ZZZs Sleep Program

Great Sleep Awaits!

Getting high quality sleep can be a battle. If you struggle with getting a restful night's sleep or just want to learn how to get the best quality sleep each night, follow the Peaceful ZZZs self-paced program below or browse our additional sleep resources!

Did you know? 
Half of all Americans report being sleepy during the day, 3-7 days every week.

Get Started

Follow the steps below to help change your sleeping habits for the better.

  1. Watch “Learn the Sleep Strategies” to walk through the importance of sleep and how to improve your quality and quantity of sleep each night.
  2. Download your personalized sleep toolkit to start keeping track of your current sleep-related behaviors. For two weeks, challenge yourself to try out a few sleep strategies to see how it affects your sleep and mood.
  3. Explore “Sleep Disorders & Resources” to learn what underlying causes might be triggering your poor sleep and where to find help.

Step 1 (presentation)

Learn the Sleep Strategies

We all know that we have to sleep in order to live. But how can what seems to be such a basic task sometimes be so difficult? Through this presentation, learn about the importance of quality sleep and explore ways to improve your sleep quality and quantity through research-backed tips and tricks to help you fall and stay asleep each night. 

stretching in bed

Step 2

Sleep Toolkit

Keeping a sleep journal is an important tool that can be used to evaluate your sleep duration and quality. Keeping a record of your sleep-related behaviors can help you recognize what behaviors are affecting your sleep. By following the link below, you will gain access to your personalized sleep toolkit that includes a list of healthy sleep strategies, a sleep journal, fun facts, and relaxing coloring pages.

person writing in journal

Step 3 (Presentation)

Sleep Disorders & Resources

Your everyday behaviors and lifestyle choices undoubtedly contribute to your quality and quantity of sleep. However, sleep loss and problems may also stem from a sleep disorder. During this presentation, learn more about America’s common sleep disorders, the local and educational resources available to help, and your communities’ specific sleep-related questions – answered! 

man sleeping with CPAP machine