Fall 2021 Walking Challenge

October 2021

Fall 2021 Walking Challenge

This year's team walking challenge, “Walktober Soles Rise Again,” will have members venture through Transylvania as they explore haunted and historic locations across Eastern Europe. Additional details coming soon.

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Fall 2021 Walking Challenge

Rules for the Fall 2021 Walking Challenge are similar to previous years.

  1. Teams must be at least 4 people and no more than 20 people. Keep in mind that friends and family are welcome to join the challenge (they can enter zeros for the employee ID).
  2. Individuals cannot have multiple Walker Tracker accounts or be on multiple teams. Participants will be asked to choose one team and one account, or else disqualify both teams they are on.
  3. Teams will be assigned to divisions (Light, Moderate, Competitive and Ultra-Competitive) during the challenge based on how their team average compares to the rest of the teams.
  4. Converted activities do not count towards step goals. The Fall 2021 Walking Challenge will be a steps-only challenge.

Creating a Walker Tracker Account

You will need to register with Walker Tracker in order to participate in all of the walking challenges. Learn more about using Walker Tracker and setting up your step-tracking device.

Walker Tracker Tutorials

Creating an Account

How to create a Walker Tracker Account

Adding Steps Manually

How to manually add steps in Walker Tracker

Adding a Device

How to add a device in Walker Tracker


Email Wellness Coordinator at scha0013@shands.ufl.edu for any questions about the Walking Challenge!