Get Stepping!

What’s something you take thousands of in a day without even realizing? Steps! Work towards your wellness goals as you compete against yourself, friends, and colleagues in our themed walking challenges. Or create your own walking challenge to keep stepping year round!

Current Walking Challenge

June 1-30

Caribbean Island Hop

Transport yourself to the beautiful, sandy, sunny, and salty islands of the Caribbean with this challenge! Learn all about their music, language, and history while on your island-hopping journey. Be sure to bring plenty of water, you’re sure to need it!


Upcoming Walking Challenges

July 1 – 31

Stroll Down the Mississippi River

Take an adventure down the river! Starting at the Mississippi Headwaters in Lake Itasca travel down the winding journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way, learn about the American history of “The Great Migration”, home of the blues, gospel, soul foods, and the civil rights movement. Be sure to bring a life jacket!

Mississippi River Challenge

August 1 – 31

The Appalachian Trail

Get your hiking boots on and get ready for an adventure along the Great Appalachian National Scenic Trail. Scaling from Georgia to Maine enjoy sites of the forest, wildlands, and neighboring towns while getting fit along the way.

Appalachian Trail flip flop

Create Your Own Walking Challenge

Don’t wait for the next GatorCare walking challenge. Create your own through Walker Tracker! Click here to learn more about the Walker Tracker platform, including how to create your own walking challenge and options for tracking your sleep, mood, nutrition, and more via the platform.