Get Stepping!

What’s something you take thousands of in a day without even realizing? Steps! Work towards your wellness goals as you compete against yourself, friends, and colleagues in our themed walking challenges. Or create your own walking challenge to keep stepping year round!

Current Walking Challenge

February 1-28, 2023

Ready, Set, Mediate

There’s no better way to celebrate “Boost Your Self-Esteem” month than by boosting your physical and emotional wellness! As you step around the USA, you will unlock meditation guides, motivation, and facts that are sure to help you feel more confident about yourself and healthier overall.

Feb 2023 Walking 1200-800

Upcoming Walking Challenge

March 1-31, 2022

Global Cuisine

Wow your friends this month with your impressive knowledge of international cuisines! March is National Nutrition Month so it only makes sense that this challenge takes you around the world to learn more about staple cuisines in other cultures.

March 2023 Walking Challenge 1200-800

Create Your Own Walking Challenge

Don’t wait for the next GatorCare walking challenge. Create your own through Walker Tracker! Click here to learn more about the Walker Tracker platform, including how to create your own walking challenge and options for tracking your sleep, mood, nutrition, and more via the platform.