Online Mental Health Services

GatorCare has partnered with Talkspace to provide free and confidential online mental health services at no cost to GatorCare members 18 years and older.

Talkspace offers online counseling via private messaging or live video from a secure, HIPAA-compliant digital platform. GatorCare members now have convenient access to professional, personal and confidential help anywhere, at any time, including from the comfort of their own home. All communication between members and their dedicated therapist is completely confidential through the Talkspace platform, making the experience convenient, flexible, and stress-free.

Having to leave in the middle of work to physically attend an appointment is challenging for many.  With Talkspace, the quality of therapy sessions are on par with therapy anywhere else, since it’s also staffed by licensed psychologists and social workers, and the live video sessions are almost identical to in-person appointments.  And our insurance is great in that it covers weekly 45-minute sessions with a therapist on Talkspace, which is way more frequent than any appointments we could get in person.  Overall, it’s an amazing resource for residents, especially with how much burnout impacts us all.” – Anonymous Resident Testimonial

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