12 Tweaks

12 Tweaks to a Healthier You was offered in 2017 to help employees develop healthy habits all year long! Although we are not currently offering this program, we have compiled all of the resources into simple PDFs! 

Tweak 1

Focus on Fruits & Veggies

This tweak focuses on cleaning up your diet by increasing fruit and vegetable intake. To ensure success, you can focus on one simple strategy each week!

vegetables in a heart

Tweak 2

Morning Mile

This tweak encourages you to add more movement in your day by walking a mile each morning.

People walking

Tweak 3


Developing a gratitude habit has lots of benefits, including increased happiness, increased energy, and more positive emotions. We provide a new weekly strategy.

Person thinking

Tweak 4


It’s important to incorporate different modes of exercise for a well-rounded workout routine. Each week focuses on a different type of exercise.

Person weightlifting

Tweak 5

Mindful Mornings

Each week, try adding a new routine to your mornings to give you a great start to your day!


Tweak 6


The quality of our sleep affects multiple areas of our lives. Learn ways to improve your sleep and sign up for the Sleep Challenge!

Person sleeping

Tweak 7

Serving Size Surprise

Do you know what normal serving sizes are? Lots of people don’t! Focus on a different aspect of serving sizes each week to learn about proper portions!


Tweak 8

Meal Prep 101

Try four different strategies to determine the meal prep techniques that work for you!

Person grocery shopping

Tweak 9

Savings Central

Learn tips for savings and view the resources that are available to you on the UF and UF Health campuses.

Person putting money in aj ar

Tweak 10

Time Management

Struggling to manage your time well? Happens to the best of us! Try out these different strategies to determine how to best manage your time.


Tweak 11

Savor Your Food

Mindful eating means taking time to slow down and savor your food. This is easier said than done. This resource can help you tackle mindful eating!


Tweak 12

Unplug to Plug In

Ever wanted to take a “digital detox” but never knew where to begin? This handout gives you clear direction on how to achieve your ideal relationship with technology.