Spiritual Wellness Resources


Spiritual Wellness

Our spiritual life is an often-overlooked aspect of wellness, but our guiding beliefs, principles and values provide us with deeper meaning and purpose.

Spiritual Wellness

Arts in Medicine

Offerings include dance, art and writing workshops; book club; music performances and more. More information on Arts in Medicine offerings can be found on their website.

Arts in Medicine: Wellness Classes

Wellness classes are offered weekly, free of charge. Classes are appropriate for individuals of any skill level, and drop-ins are welcome. Classes include meditation, Qigong, and gentle yoga. Visit the calendar of classes for more details.

Sanctuary of Wisdom

Located on the second floor of the UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital, the Sanctuary of Wisdom meditation room is designed for prayer and contemplation, inclusive of all religions and belief systems. It can be used by patients, visitors, faculty and staff. It is oval-shaped in keeping with the Eastern philosophy of meditation. Visit the UF Health Heart & Vascular Hospital website for hours of operation and to learn more.

Wilmot Gardens

Wilmot Gardens is located in the heart of the Southeast’s largest academic health center, providing a peaceful and verdant respite for patients, faculty, staff, and the public. In addition, the gardens are dedicated to advancing patient care, research and service through its vibrant and growing therapeutic horticulture program. The gardens are open to the public year-round and boast an unrivaled collection of camellias in North Central Florida.

Baughman Center

Located on UF Campus, the Baughman Center is open on weekdays for private contemplation.


We hear a lot of this buzzword lately, but what really does being “mindful” mean? UF Mindfulness discusses the benefits and research behind this beneficial way of living, as well as provides a community for resources and ways to help you with implementation. Chec kout some mindfulness tips here!


UF Health Integrative Medicine Program provides guided meditation and relaxation to promote inner healing and tranquility.

Happiness Hacks

According to “The How of Happiness,” 10% of our happiness is determined by our circumstances, 50% is determined by genetics, and 40% is determined by our thoughts and actions. Learn how to tap into that 40% with twelve science-backed strategies. Email GatorCare Wellness to schedule.