Meditation & Relaxation

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Relax Series (15-Minute Relaxation Sessions)

Live Meditation/Relaxation Practices

Meditation for Beginners

UF Health Arts in Medicine offers a 30-minute meditation class on Mondays at 4:30 pm. Email to be added to the weekly reminder list.

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Join GatorCare Wellness Manager Mallory for a 15-minute live-streamed meditation session on Wednesdays at 12 p.m. This lunch-time class is the perfect way to re-energize mid-way through your day.

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Mindful Relaxation Minutes

The UF Department of Psychiatry offers 30-minute, live-streamed meditation sessions on Thursdays at 12:15 p.m. Session techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, yoga nidra, autogenic training, and breath work.

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Meditation Recordings

UF Health Meditation Exercises

Enjoy 15-45 minute recorded meditation sessions from the UF Health Integrative Medicine Program. Practice guided imagery, loving kindness, yoga nidra for deep relaxation, and other guided meditations

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Mindful Relaxation Minutes

View over 100 pre-recorded 30-minute meditation sessions provided by the UF Department of Psychiatry. Session techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, yoga nidra, autogenic training, and breath work.

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UF Mindfulness Presentations

UF Mindfulness presents pre-recorded presentations by field experts on topics related to mindfulness, including body maps of attention, cultural digital mania, mindful forgiveness, and mindfulness and politics.

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Additional Meditation Resources

Meditation Challenge

Incorporate journaling and self-reflection into your meditation practice with this four-week, self-guided meditation challenge. Receive weekly emails to guide your practice and provide accountability.

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UF Mindfulness Newsletter

Sign up for the UF Mindfulness newsletter to receive updates regarding events, articles, and resources for practicing daily mindfulness.

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Mastering Meditation

Sign up for a live virtual meditation workshop with a UF-UF Health Wellness team member. Get your office together for a 30-60 minute presentation on the history, types, and how-tos of meditation.

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