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Food for Thought

Explore the flavors of spring

Farm in the Spring time

Discover the vibrant flavors and nutritional benefits of seasonal eating in Florida's springtime, where fresh produce thrives and brings a burst of health and flavor to your plate.

Local and seasonal eating provides an array of benefits for individuals and the environment alike. At its core, it champions fresher and more flavorful produce, harvested at peak ripeness. Sourcing produce locally bolsters local farmers and economies. This keeps money circulating within communities and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation. Embracing seasonal eating encourages dietary variety, as different crops cycle in and out of availability throughout the year, resulting in a more diverse and nutritionally balanced diet. Seasonal eating also nurtures a deeper connection to the land and the natural rhythms of agriculture. Ultimately, by diminishing reliance on imported and out-of-season foods, local and seasonal eating plays a vital role in sustainability efforts and the preservation of biodiversity.

Springtime Produce Grown in Florida:

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Food for Thought


Cucumbers Food for Thought


Bunch of Tomatoes


Watermelon Slices


A Pile of Beans


Basil Leaves


Cantaloupe Slices


Baskets of Blueberries


Bunch of Potatoes

Resources to utilize all this fresh, seasonal produce

– Natalie Lezcano, GatorCare Wellness Coordinator

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