Food for Thought – Persimmon Perfection

Populate your Flavor Palette with Persimmons

Food for Thought

Winter is here, and so are the nutrient-packed, orange gems known as persimmons.

Wondering what persimmons taste like?

Picture a lovely fusion of honey, apricot, and a hint of floral sweetness. Loaded with vitamins A and C, persimmons are the superheroes your immune system craves. These powerhouses also bring fiber to the party, ensuring your digestive system dances with joy.

But here’s the catch: despite being a taste sensation, many folks haven’t discovered the magic of persimmons. Give these unsung heroes of the fruit world a try this winter!

Astringent Persimmons

  • Varieties: The most well-known astringent persimmon is the Hachiya. Other varieties include Saijo and Tamopan.
  • Characteristics: When unripe, astringent persimmons are extremely tannic, leaving a puckering, dry sensation in your mouth. However, when fully ripe, they transform into a sweet, honey-like pulp with a custard-like consistency.
  • Shape and Color: Hachiya persimmons are typically acorn-shaped and have a deep orange color when ripe.

Non-Astringent Persimmons

  • Varieties: The most popular non-astringent persimmon is the Fuyu. Other varieties include Jiro and Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro.
  • Characteristics: Non-astringent persimmons can be enjoyed even when firm and are crisp like an apple. They have a sweet and mildly tangy flavor, with a texture similar to a crunchy pear.
  • Shape and Color: Fuyu persimmons are squat and round, resembling a tomato. They are typically a vibrant orange color.


Wait for Hachiya to turn very soft and custard-like. Some people like to put their Hachiya persimmons in the freezer after they become soft. After a few hours, they turn into an ice-cream-like sweet treat that you can scoop straight out of the peel. 

Grab a firm Fuyu for a crisp, apple-like crunch – ideal for salads or snacking. You can slice them like you would a pear or apple and enjoy them on their own!


Whether enjoyed solo, tossed into salads, or incorporated into delightful desserts, persimmons promise a flavorful journey through the vibrant tastes of the season. Discover the joy of persimmons and let their unique sweetness elevate your culinary experience this winter!

– Mallory Rubek, MS, MCHES®, Wellness Manager

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Food for Thought


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