Food for Thought – Orange You Glad It’s Orange Creamsicle Day?!

A Tribute to the Classic Summertime Treat

Kid Eating Creamsicle

Summer is at its peak, and what better way to beat the heat and survive the season than by treating yourself to the nostalgic delight of a creamsicle? National Creamsicle Day is celebrated on August 14th each year – who knew?!

It's a day dedicated to savoring the timeless combination of creamy vanilla ice cream and tangy fruit in frozen form, most notably the classic “Orange Dreamsicle”. Whether you're reminiscing about childhood summers or creating new memories with loved ones, National Creamsicle Day promises to be a refreshing and joyful celebration of all things creamy and citrusy.

Vitamin C Boost

The citrusy component of creamsicles, typically orange, provides vitamin C. This essential nutrient is known for supporting the immune system, promoting healthy skin, and acting as an antioxidant in the body.

Vitamin C

Refreshing Hydration

As creamsicles are primarily composed of ice cream and fruit-flavored ice, they provide a refreshing way to stay hydrated and keep cool in the Florida summer heat.

Hydration Creamsicle Food for Thought

Sweet Nostalgia

Creamsicles remind us of carefree childhood days spent enjoying frozen treats with friends and family. Desserts and nostalgic foods have a unique way of positively impacting us on an emotional and psychological level.

Kid Eating Creamsicle Food for Thought

Celebrate National Creamsicle Day Out & About:

On National Creamsicle Day, embrace the creamy and tangy goodness by treating yourself at your favorite ice cream or gourmet popsicle shop. Check out these local places to celebrate:

Try Making Your Own Creamsicles!

If you're feeling adventurous, why not try making your own creamsicles at home? Experiment with different fruit flavors or mix in some yogurt for a creamier texture. If you’re looking for the classic crowd pleaser, try out this first recipe! If you want an added protein boost, this second recipe may be for you.

Making Creamsicles Food for Thought

Whether you’re picking up creamsicles from your favorite ice cream shop or making them at home, National Creamsicle Day promises a refreshing and nostalgic experience to make this summer a little less scorching! Mark your calendars for August 14th, 2024 and celebrate this special day again with a creamy popsicle in hand. Orange you glad you read this week’s Food for Thought?

– Julia Skinner, M.S., Dietetic Intern

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