Social Wellness Resources

Social Wellness

With more than 50,000 employees combined, the UF and UF Health community is practically a city unto itself! Find support, networking and like-minded people by perusing the resources found here. Take a look through our resources below to enhance your dimension of social wellness.

Wellness Challenges

Participate in one of our guided wellness challenges to create positive habits in a fun way. Improve your social wellness by organizing a challenge for your department to compete against each other or for your entire department to compete as a team against other departments.

Upcoming Events

Browse through these upcoming local events (both in-person and online options) and reach out to a friend, colleague, or family member to go together!

Groups on The Bridge

Did you know the UF Health Bridge has hundreds of networking and support groups? Groups include, but are not limited to, Get up and go! Walk@Work, Breastfeeding/Pumping, LGBT Community and more!

Gratitude Spreads

UF HR Wellness has created Gratitude Spreads materials for faculty/staff to share. Along with an encouraging design, there is space to write a dedication and personal messages on both printed cards and digital email templates.

Connect Outside

One of the best things about being in Gainesville is our access to the outdoors! Invite a friend to explore a new park, walk a trail, swim at the springs, or canoe down the river.