Nutrition is a critical component of physical wellness. The balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals we consume will determine whether our bodies have what they need to function properly. Engage with our resources below to learn and implement information regarding your nutrition choices.

Nutrition Resources

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Mindful Eating

Weight management isn’t only about what and how much you eat. It’s about how you relate to food, eating, and your body. Join this self-paced, virtual workshop and learn how to create a healthy relationship with food that can result in effortless weight management.

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Sweet and Salty

Join this three-week guided challenge to discover how much sugar and salt is actually in your diet. Learn tips for choosing healthier meals whether dining out or eating at home.

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Start Simple with MyPlate

Don’t know where or how to start your nutrition journey? Start with MyPlate. It is a simple and easy to use guide on how to eat for better health. MyPlate breaks it down into different food groups and their quantities.

My Plate

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Food Labels 101

Have you ever wondered what that science-y looking table on packaged foods mean? Most food items provide nutrition information on the back of the package, called “Nutrition Facts”. Reading these labels can help you make wise food choices and compare foods to choose the healthiest option. Watch the following video by the FDA that explains all you need to know about reading a nutrition label.

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Smart Snacking

There is no better time to reach your nutrition goals than now! If you struggle creating a nutritious and filling snack or want to find your new go-to quick food, don’t fret! Check out our guide with tips and ideas to help you create best on-the-go snacks for every day.

Smart snacks

Wellness Guide

Are you an Intuitive Eater?

Intuitive-eating is a non-dieting approach to eating. It is about trusting your body to make food choices that feel good for you, without judgement or the influence of diet culture. Take a short quiz to find out whether you stick to food rules or if you are already an Intuitive eater.

Intuitive Eating

12 Tweaks Challenge

Participate in any of these self-guided, four-week wellness challenges to improve your nutrition habits.

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Meal Prep 101

Learn strategies for meal prepping and discover recipes and resources to help you create healthy meals quickly and efficiently.

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Serving Size Surprise

With just one tweak a week, learn how to increase your awareness of your typical portion sizes and increase your consumption of water, fruits, and vegetables.

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Savor Your Food

Take our Eating Patterns Assessment to identify your patterns and motivations with eating. Then learn about the hunger-fullness scale, the mindless margin, and eating with intention and attention to improve your choices.

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Recipes and More!

Recipe Guide

Healthy Back to School Recipe Guide

Back to school time can be stressful with a new school year and a new routine, adjusting can be tough. Lessen your stress with our helpful Healthy Back to School recipe guide. Our guide features tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes —all 500 calories or less.

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Wellness Tool

Meal Planning Tool

Browse hundreds of recipes and create your own meal plans. This tool will not only put together your grocery list, but also calculate full nutrition facts every day. Too busy to plan? You can opt for dietitian-prepared Meal Plans which offer balanced nutrition and can be easily customized to personal tastes.

Meal Planning


Chopped 2020 Recipe Book

View these recipes submitted by your GatorCare Wellness team for a Chopped 2020 recipe challenge. Theme ingredients include cauliflower, eggplant, guava, squash, and tomato.

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Cooking with Herbs

Herbs are easy to grow and an excellent replacement for salt when seasoning your food. Learn healthy and delicious recipes with parsley, basil, and dill.

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Flour Power Recipes

Submitted by our members, these recipes make for delicious desserts with no all-purpose flour! Recipes include chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cheesecake bread, blackberry cinnamon muffins, and more.

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