Wellness Tries: Chopped

2020 chopped recipes

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Each quarter in 2020, our wellness team tried and reviewed a popular wellness trend. In fall 2020, your UF-UF Health Wellness Team participated in a “Chopped” competition where our readers were the judges. Team members submitted healthy recipes pertaining to five basket ingredients for a “Chopped” competition. Winners were selected by UF-UF Health Employees via the weekly Wellness Newsletter. All of the recipes are included below, along with the winning recipes!

Wellness Tries Chopped Edition

Week 1: Cauliflower

2020 chopped recipes: Week 1 winner

Creamy Cauliflower Casserole

A rich and tasty cauliflower casserole made with sour cream, shredded cheddar, and crumbled bacon. Keto and low-carb.

Creamy Cauliflower Casserole with sour cream, shredded cheddar, and crumbled bacon

2020 Chopped Recipes

Roasted Cauliflower

Keto, low-carb, and topped with tasty Parmesan for the perfect savory tang.

roasted cauliflower with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan

2020 Chopped recipes

Baked Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

Crispy, vegan buffalo wings. Can be gluten-free as well.

soft, crispy, cauliflower buffalo wings with creamy dipping sauce

2020 chopped recipes

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad

A healthy twist on broccoli salad. Pumpkin seeds, oregano, and Greek yogurt in place of Mayo.

creamy broccoli cauliflower salad made with greek yogurt and shredded carrots

2020 chopped recipes

Kung Pao Cauliflower

Spice up your appetizer game with this flavorful treat or serve over rice for a super-hot vegan meal! Easily adaptable for gluten-free.

spicy, crispy kung pao cauliflower bites

2020 chopped recipes

Raw Cauliflower Turmeric Sushi

Feeling ambitious? Try making this raw, vegan sushi! Packed with nutrients!

raw cauliflower turmeric sushi in reds and greens

Week 2: Eggplant

2020 chopped recipes: week 2 winner

Eggplant Rollatini

Creamy, comforting, vegetarian rollatini!

Gluten-free eggplant rollatini with ricotta cheese and tomato sauce


Grilled Garlic Eggplant

The perfect side dish. Lemon and feta cheese bring the flavor to this party.

grilled eggplant rounds flavored with lemon and feta cheese


Baba Ghanoush

A Mediterranean eggplant dip. Perfect for dipping vegetables or pita bread.

Baba Ghanoush - a mediterranean eggplant dip - perfect for dipping vegetables or pita bread


Eggplant Caramelized Onion Dip

Five ingredients. The healthiest dip you’ve ever served your guests!

Eggplant and Caramelized Onion Dip


Ginger-Miso Eggplant

Easy, exploratory. Simply brush the glaze on the eggplant and roast!

ginger miso glazed eggplant with sesame seeds

Week 3: Guava

2020 chopped recipes: week 3 winner

Pineapple Guava Mocktail

Made with fresh pineapple and guava juice. The perfect brunch beverage!

pineapple guava mocktail


Guava Papaya Relish

Great as a “salsa” or on top of grilled chicken or pork.

guava papaya relish


Guava Banana Smoothie

Thick, satisfying, nourishing. This smoothie will keep you going all morning!

guava banana smoothie


Guava-Glazed Chicken Thighs

Glazed on the grill. An easy recipe packed with flavor.

guava glazed chicken thighs

Week 4: Squash

2020 chopped recipes: week 4 winner

Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

Wow your dinner guests with this delicious, creamy, beautiful take on chicken alfredo.

Skinny Chicken Alfredo Squash


Stuffed Acorn Squash

Your new favorite holiday side dish! Acorn squash filled with leftover stuffing.

acorn squash halves stuffed with leftover stuffing and topped with cheese


Roasted Winter Squash with Toppings

The perfect side dish – Roasted squash topped with toasted walnuts, feta cheese, champagne vinegar, and red pepper flakes.

roasted squash with creamy crunchy toppings

Week 5: Tomato

2020 chopped winner!

Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta

The Chopped 2020 winning recipe! An easy, vegan pasta bake to fill your hearts and bellies.

Creamy Tomato Spinach Pasta

2020 chopped recipes


Poached eggs in a hearty, spiced tomato sauce. A Middle Eastern dish meaning “all mixed up.”

shakshuka - eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce