Financial Wellness Resources


Financial Wellness Resources

Adopting smart fiscal management practices and preparing for short- and long-term expenses can help ensure we are “fiscally fit.”

Financial Wellness

Money 2020

Check out the Money 2020 guide where budgeting, saving, and planning for expenses, are broken down into a manageable, bite-sized pieces. Each month you are presented with a new concept and small, related challenge. Take the plunge to find where you may need some extra support, or start from budgeting and planning basics.


UF’s Financial Literacy and Retirement Education Program provides tools and tips to “illuminate the journey to financial security” including resources like articles, tools and video workshops on topics such as Intelligent Investing, Life Events Resources and Budgeting and Saving. *Available to UF employees only

Online & In-Person Education Courses

Financial workshops are available for both UF and UF Health employees.

UF Health employees should login to myTraining and search “Shands Wellness Presents” for in-person workshops including Medicare 101, Envision Your Financial Future and Get Real & Get Ready for Retirement. UF Health employees also have access to financial wellness e-learning including Interest Rates: Understanding How They Impact Your Spending and Saving Decisions, Market Bubbles: Understanding Their Causes and Potential Ways to Manage Them, Managing Debt: The Art of Balancing Spending and Savings, and the Market Volatility site. These financial wellness e-learning videos are available to view on the Benefits website.

UF employees should visit the FLARE page to register for classes including Planning for Financial Security, Medicare, Federal Student Aid Load Forgiveness and more.

Free 1-on-1 Financial Counseling

UF IFAS offers free 1-on-1 financial counseling virtually, prioritizing those who are underserved and unable to utilize any other services. This may include rural communities, those with chronic illnesses or those struggling to make ends meet. Counselors will help you understand and organize your finances. Apply here.

UF Health Retirement Information

View the Lincoln Financial open hours to meet one-on-one with a representative and get more information about your retirement benefits. *Available to UF Health employees only