Meditation Challenge

Start today!

Meditation Challenge

Are you interested in meditation but not sure where to start? Have you tried meditation and find it difficult to figure out? Follow the steps below to participate in this self-guided challenge.

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Getting Started

  1. Review the benefits of meditation and four types of meditation that we will try during this challenge.
  2. Download or print the meditation self-tracker. Fill out your goals for the four week challenge by indicating how many times per week you want to meditate and how many minutes each practice will be. Then, decide which type you want to try on which week.
  3. Review the Tips & Tricks for beginnings to help you get ready!
  4. View or print this meditation one-sheet for quick reference and access to mantras and inspiring affirmations.



Each week will conclude with an optional journal prompt that is specific to the type of meditation that you practiced. At the end of each week, feel free to reflect on your week’s practice and see what went well, what you enjoyed, and what you would like to do differently. Journals are private and will not be submitted as part of this challenge.


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