Waste Less Gainesville

A Guide to Greener Living

Did you know that the average American generates almost 5 pounds of garbage each day, one pound of which is food waste? If you would like to reduce your waste but aren't sure how, start here! Everything from clothing scraps to coffee grounds can be recycled thanks to these local organizations and you.

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Reduce Your Waste

Recycling Do’s and Don’ts

You may be a recycling pro, but I bet one or two items on this list may surprise you. Are Solo cups recyclable? What about yogurt containers? Learn the do’s and don’ts of recycling in Alachua County!

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The Repurpose Project

The Repurpose Project is a combination arts center and thrift store. Get inspired to create original art from salvageable materials. Not feeling artsy? Donate supplies for others to create reclaimed art—spare buttons, colorful plastic bags, scrap wood, and more.

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The Refillery

Reduce your household waste by shopping at this low-waste store. Products are packaged via sterilized donated jars and other reusable items. Cleaning supplies, shampoo, pet food, people food, and more are available for online orders or in-store purchase.

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Zero Waste Challenge

Want to reduce your household waste, but not sure where to start? Utilize this resource to track your garbage, notice a trend, and make adaptations! Available for single-use plastics, food waste, and clothing.

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50 Tips for Zero Waste Living

We did the legwork for you and found these simple yet effective ways to go zero waste. Beyond reusable grocery bags and water bottles, it’s time to go eco-friendly across all areas. Let’s get started!

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Clothing Recycling


We often donate our wearable clothing to thrift stores, but what about worn-out socks, torn t-shirts, and other fabric scraps? Fortunately, H&M accepts fabric donations of all kinds! Unwearable items are re-purposed into new clothing or even insulation materials. Learn more. . .

Let’s Compost

Beaten Path Composting

Drop off your food waste for free, or subscribe for convenient curbside pick-up. Drop-off locations include 4th Avenue Food Park and The Afternoon Restaurant.

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Two Farms, One Dream

Subscribe to this composting service to have your compost picked up from your doorstep! Select from numerous pricing options for households and businesses.

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Free Wire Composting Bin

Build your own wire composting bin with free resources from Alachua County. This method of composting maximizes aeration for rapid results.

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Food Waste Pilot Program

The program is now full, but get excited about this pilot program from the city of Gainesville to bring compost pick-up to homes at no cost! Show support for this program by signing up for the waitlist.

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Keep Learning

EPA Greener Living

What better entity to educate us regarding living sustainably than the EPA? Learn about environmental justice, electronics management, and more.

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Zero Waste Gainesville

Become an advocate for the planet in your community. Stay up-to-date with local initiatives and events to support waste reduction in your area.

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