Walking Maps

Take a quick 6 minute break or a full on 30 minute walk with our UF and UF Health campus walking maps. Not on campus? Check out our off-campus walking maps.

UF Health Walking Maps

Main Campus Routes

Maps Near the North Tower

Whether you are walking to the garage or walking the tunnels, the maps around the North Tower are sure to help you reach your step goals.

Maps Near Med Plaza

Take a stroll around Med Plaza and detour through Wilmot Gardens for a scenic route

Maps Near the 1329 Building

Located in the 1329 building? No problem! Check out these routes near your building.

Maps Near Professional Park

New to Professional Park? Learn how to walk a mile in no time!

Satellite Campus Routes

Maps Near CH2M Hill

Enjoy the fresh air and take a stroll down to Publix or plan a walking meeting down Williston Road.

Maps Near Patient Financial Services

Grab a partner or enjoy time to yourself with these maps around PFS and the Access Center.

Maps Near Springhill

Take a break to stretch your legs outside with these routes near the Springhill facility.

Maps Near Vista

Get up and get moving! You have a lot of ground to cover with these walking routes around Vista.

UF Walking Maps

On-Campus Routes

Maps Near Alumni Hall

Working near the Alumni Hall or UF Foundations? These maps are right for you!

Maps Near Central Campus

Soak up the sunshine with these walking maps in the area of the Rietz Union, HUB, and Student Health Care Center.

Maps Near Radio Road and Physical Plant Division

Take a break and enjoy the fresh air with these maps around Radio Road.

Maps Near the Stadium

Clear your mind after work with these walking maps as you’re on your way to the car.

Maps Near Tigert Hall

Get moving with these maps around Tigert Hall, Library West, and Broward Dining.

Maps Near Criser Hall

Take a walk through the heart of campus with these routes through Plaza of the Americas.

Off-Campus Routes

Maps Near East Campus

Only got a few minutes between meetings? Take a peek at these maps to catch a quick break.

Maps Near Vet Med

Reach your step goal with these maps around Vet Med.

UF Health Jacksonville Walking Maps

Pavilion Map

This is a great route if you only have a few minutes to spare.

Clinical Map

Decided on a walking lunch break? Here’s a great half-mile route to get you up and moving and to break up the day.