Cultural Wellness Resources

Cultural Wellness

Cultural wellness refers to our awareness and understanding of and intrinsic respect for our own identities and background as well as the diversity and richness present in the cultural backgrounds and identities of others. When we are culturally well, we work to create and maintain an inclusive environment that values inclusivity, diversity and social justice.

Black History Month 2023

We celebrate Black History Month as a way to honor the people and events that made important contributions to the advancement of America. This month serves as a powerful reminder of the hardship, aspirations, and accomplishments of those who took risks for the betterment of people who continue to face racism and injustice today. Black history is American History and Black People are essential to the progression of America as a whole.

Stronger Together

Stronger Together will provide UF faculty and staff with a series of educational offerings to help them better understand and address racism and bias and help promote racial justice at the individual, institutional, and systemic levels.

Gators Together

Gators Together is a certificate program for individual employees and supervisors. This diversity and inclusion program is designed to Increase Performance and Engagement by Creating an inclusive environment for our diverse talents.

Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

UF’s Office of Multicultural and Diversity Affairs has compiled an extensive list of podcasts, assessments, and websites helpful in understanding the complex nature of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Participate in this 21-day challenge to read, listen, connect, and reflect to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. Participate at your own pace.

Project Implicit

Harvard offers free online Implicit Association Tests (IATs) on a range of topics including religion, weight, disability, race, and sexuality. Learn about your attitudes or beliefs towards different groups and topics.

UF Office of the Chief Diversity Officer

The Office of the Chief Diversity Officer is dedicated to celebrating the diverse backgrounds and experiences of the UF community. Explore resources, sign up for the weekly newsletter, or ask your diversity-related questions.

A. Quinn Jones Museum

Visit the A. Quinn Jones Museum, a permanent tribute to the contributions of the museum’s namesake in improving the quality of education available to African-Americans in Alachua County. View rotating exhibits on education, civil rights, and community.

Black History Month @ UF

Commemorate Black History any time of year. View UF’s 2021 Black History Month resources, including live webinars, pre-recorded podcasts, and tributory articles.