Walking Challenges!

GatorCare hosts walking challenges for UF and UF Health employees (and family members!) via an online step-tracking platform called Walker Tracker. Using Walker Tracker makes it easier for you to track your daily steps and even compete against your coworkers and family to encourage you to reach your step goals. Walker Tracker can be accessed on a computer browser or via an app that is downloadable to your personal cell phone. You can sync your wearable activity-tracking device or you can manually enter your steps into the platform.

GatorCare creates monthly individual walking challenges that you can enter and compete in virtually. With each individual walking challenge, you will be competing against other participants individually, meaning your steps and your steps alone will count toward your steps on the leaderboard. In addition to the monthly individual walking challenges, twice a year in April and October, the walking challenge will be a team walking challenge. This means that you must join the challenge with a team of 2 or more people.

With both the individual and team challenges, they follow a virtual map that includes predetermined mile markers. The more steps you take in real life, the more mile markers you reach virtually and the closer you get to crossing the finish line! For any additional questions about the walking challenges, please reach out to GatorCareWellness@shands.ufl.edu.

Getting Started!

  1. Visit GatorCare.WalkerTracker.com.
  2. Press “Sign Up Today” to create an account.
  3. Enter your information into the required fields and click “Register Now”.
  4. Visit the “Challenges” tab on the menu bar.
  5. Scroll down and join the challenges of your choosing!

Current Walking Challenge

September 1-30

Unusual USA

Discover all the bizarre places and objects nestled amongst the United States. Explore some of the quirky, extraordinary, and strange bits that make this country so unusual. An enormous ball of twine, anyone?

unusual flip flop

Upcoming Walking Challenges

October 2 – 29

Trick or Trot: Team Walking Challenge

Are you ready to be spooked? Take a virtual, walking journey from the West to the East coast while unlocking some of the most mysterious and historically creepy places across the US. Join this spooktacular team challenge and don’t forget your broomstick! Invite your favorite goblins and ghouls, create a fun team name, and compete against thousands of other UF and UF Health employees!

Trick or Trot Team Walking Challenge

November 1 – 30

New England in the Fall

After the hot summer, it’s time for crisp days, the smell of wood fires, and the joy of watching the leaves show their beautiful colors. Through this journey visit iconic areas of the US that are known for their fall colors, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and apple orchards. Join today and witness the Fall in New England while staying active.

England Fall

Create Your Own Walking Challenge

Don’t wait for the next GatorCare walking challenge. Create your own through Walker Tracker! Click here to learn more about the Walker Tracker platform, including how to create your own walking challenge and options for tracking your sleep, mood, nutrition, and more via the platform.