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Navigating Social Dining with Ease

Holidays, celebrations, work events or just a simple night out with friends can be a great time to connect with others and an opportunity to indulge in delicious food. Yet, an abundance of food at such events can get overwhelming, making us feel out of control and uneasy for overeating afterwards. In this presentation you will learn practical tools and tips for mindful eating at social gatherings so you can enjoy all your future festivities guilt-free.

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Eating for Mental Health

Explore the dual relationship between diet and mental health and the impact of nutrition on symptoms of depression and anxiety. Learn more about the gut-brain relationship and how to interrupt disordered eating patterns.

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Mindful Eating

Weight management isn’t only about what and how much you eat. It’s about how you relate to food, eating, and your body. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use mindfulness to create a healthier relationship with food that can result in effortless weight management.

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All About Sugar

Learn all about sugar- how it affects your body, where it is found, how often we should be consuming it, and steps to help break your ‘sugar habit.’


Meal Prep 101

Learn to prepare tasty, nutritious meals in advance so that you can have healthy options on hand throughout your week. This practical workshop will empower you with tools to improve your overall health, save you time and money, and remove stress from daily life.

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Meal Prepping FAQs

Save time and money with this webinar that will answer all your FAQs about meal prepping. Learn how long prepared food can last in the fridge, how often you should meal prep in a week, and healthy, delicious recipes that can be prepared ahead of time.

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Nutrition and Immune Function

Avoid flashy headlines and learn the truth about nutrition and immune function with registered dietitian Jon Vredenburg from Employee Wellness Jacksonville.

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Plant-Based Diets and You

Learn about the potential health benefits of plant-based diets and how to tap into those benefits with simple changes, such as eating one vegetarian dinner per week.

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Nutrition Mythbusters

Can drinking apple cider vinegar aid weight loss? Does microwaving food destroy its nutrients? Are eggs bad for heart health? These questions and more are answered in this presentation.

Facts vs. Myths

The Waste-Less Kitchen

Do you find yourself throwing out a lot of uneaten or spoiled food? Learn techniques for reducing your food waste and maximizing freshness.

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Virtual Grocery Store Tour

Learn some lesser-known shopping “tricks,” to avoid impulse buys, find the best price, and buy the most nutritious food for your family.

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Hot Topics in Nutrition

Dr. McIntosh and Jon Vredenburg (Employee Wellness Jacksonville) sit down to talk about hot and controversial topics in nutrition to help you make sense of the sometimes confusing and overwhelming information out there.

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Food Safety FAQ

Join registered dietitian Jon Vredenburg from Employee Wellness Jacksonville for answers to many frequently asked questions about food safety.

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