Emotional Wellness

Boost: Transform Your Energy

Today’s fast-paced work environment often leaves us with little to no energy to devote to the things outside of work that matter most. Learn how to work more efficiently, take more effective work breaks, and transform your energy.

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Work-Life Alignment

Do you want more say in your life? Creating alignment in your life is a skill that can help you connect with your purpose and create meaning in your life, whether you’re at home, at work, or at play.

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Happiness Hacks

According to “The How of Happiness,” 10% of our happiness is determined by our circumstances, 50% is determined by genetics, and 40% is determined by our thoughts and actions. Learn how to tap into that 40% with twelve science-backed strategies.

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Digital Detox

Are you feeling too attached to your phone? Want to spend less time online? Try this 30-day challenge, based on Catherine Price’s book, “How to Break Up with Your Phone,” to help you reset your boundaries with technology.

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Mindfulness Matters

Join Employee Wellness Jacksonville for a four-part recorded series on managing stress and anxiety through mindfulness. Topics include mindful eating and setting SMART emotional wellness goals, as well as resources for achieving those goals.

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Tools to Handle Stress

Dive deep into some lesser-known stress-management techniques such as remembering past successes and reframing negative thoughts. Practice these techniques throughout the presentation and develop a personalized action plan.

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