Where to Seek Mental Health Services

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Finding Help

Learn how to navigate the GatorCare provider directories to find mental health providers and services, find tier 1 providers by location and how to explore the New Directions Behavioral Health Network.


Mental Health Providers

Provider Directory By Location

Our tier 1 provider directory lists the mental health providers and services available to GatorCare members. Mental health providers and services are listed in the directory under ‘Behavioral Health.’ Click on the button below for the provider directory closest to your location.

New Directions Behavioral Health

New Directions Behavioral Health Network is a group of tier 1 mental health service providers for GatorCare members. Florida Blue partnered with New Directions to create more mental health solutions for members’ needs.

To find mental health providers through the New Directions network, visit the link below and select ‘GatorCare’ as your Network/Plan, then enter your location to pull up a list of providers.You may also receive assistance for finding a provider by phone at 866.287.9569.