Plank and Drank

August 5 – September 1

Plank and Drank Challenge

The summer heat is brutal, but we have just the thing to cool you down…our returning Plank and Drank challenge! Complete weekly hydration trackers and challenge yourself to plank longer every day to stay hydrated and improve your core strength. Get your favorite water bottle ready – you’re gonna need it!

Continue reading below to learn how to start!
Tim Tebow planking

Celebrity Plank Scavenger Hunt

Know a local celebrity or leader? Take a picture with them while planking and submit it for a chance to win a mystery grand prize!

Get Involved

In addition to building your core strength and hydrating your body, there are other incentives for participation! Learn how to get involved and win below.

Plank Contest Winner

Join us for our LIVE plank kick-off event on August 5 at 12:30 p.m. for a chance to be our plank contest winner! Be the one who holds the plank the longest and win a prize. Join us in-person or Zoom. More information is in the green box above.

image of UF Health president planking

Weekly Prizes

Submit your weekly hydration levels and plank times for a chance to be one of our four $25 Amazon e-gift card winners throughout the month! One winner will be drawn each week. You may only win once. See more information about submitting your results in the blocks above.

group of orange Amazon gift cards

Grand Trophy

Be the one to walk away with the Golden Water Bottle Trophy at the end of the challenge. Be sure to submit every weekly submission on time and complete the post-survey for a chance to walk away as the 2024 Plank and Drank challenge winner! More details to come within each weekly email.

Rosalee 2022 plank and drank winner

Photos From Planks Past

Check out these photos of the GatorCare team for some inspiration!