ID Cards

ID Card

I haven’t received my ID card. What should I do?

Members normally receive their GatorCare ID cards between one week prior to the effective date of coverage or immediately following the coverage effective date. It is important to ensure your home address is up to date. If your GatorCare ID card is not received immediately following the effective date of coverage, a member can order an ID card directly from Florida Blue by logging on to and signing in. Click on my account, and choose the ID Card Services. A temporary card also can be printed from this site. Members may also call Florida Blue customer service at 1-800-664-5295 or the on-site GatorCare representatives from Florida Blue (Jacksonville 904-244-9130 or Gainesville 352-594-3354). The health and prescription card are one card and members will not have a separate card for prescriptions:

The GatorCare ID cards that I received are not in my dependent’s name. What do I need to do to request additional cards for my spouse and children?

GatorCare subscriber IDs include only the name of the contract holder (subscriber), but any family members enrolled are included in this membership. Providers can swipe the card to determine eligibility electronically or they will call Florida Blue for the information. Additional cards can be ordered, but each card will contain only the subscriber name. This does not present a problem for the membership. Providers verify active eligibility at point of service.

Print a temporary ID card