2018 Booster Break Challenge

Start a group ‘booster break’ with colleagues in your area for a chance to win a free lunch for your group! Using the guidelines provided (see submission form for guidelines), start a regularly occurring community work break in your area. Use the Boost Guide as a framework for getting started. Submit the form below, along with a group picture, by September 28 to be entered into a drawing to win lunch for your group (up to 20 participants).

Download the submission form here

Download the Boost Guide here 

Bonus! Watch a recording of the Boost presentation with your department. This is a great precursor to the Booster Break Challenge. Check it out here!

Why should I participate?

  • Increase your awareness of how you currently work and its impact on your energy levels
  • Realize the importance of taking your work break (instead of working through it)
  • Try out various activities or “boosts” during work breaks
  • Discover the types of breaks that leave you feeling renewed and reenergized and get into the habit of taking these breaks regularly to restore energy levels
  • Leave work with more energy to spend on the things that matter most
  • Connect with your coworkers

Why Boost?

Research suggests that we work best in waves, moving between bursts of focused, intense work and periods of renewal. Unfortunately, this is not how we typically work, favoring quantity over quality and putting more emphasis on recharging our phones than recharging ourselves.

When we “work in waves” or take time for rest or renewal, our energy level remains steady throughout the entire work day. This means that by the time we get off work, we still have energy to devote to the things that matter most.

Tips for Success

  • Give each boost a try, even if it seems silly or out of your comfort zone.
  • Make an intentional effort to take advantage of your work break, even if you only have a few minutes to spare. Many of the activities can be done in five minutes or less.
  • Encourage your coworkers to participate with you.
  • Take note of which breaks leave you feeling most refreshed.