Workshops & Presentations

Watch one of these recorded presentations on various wellness topics, or gather your workplace for a live workshop. Workshops are available virtually or in person. Contact for additional questions and support.

Live Workshops

Gather your office for a brief, interactive presentation on a wellness topic of interest to you. Available in-person or online, offerings include mindful eating, mastering meditation, coping skills 101, and meal prep.

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Emotional Wellness

Improve your emotional wellness with these presentations focused on coping with stress, practicing mindfulness, and interacting healthfully with technology.

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Explore a wide variety of nutrition-related subjects such as nutrition and immune function, plant-based diets, meal prepping, and breaking your sugar habit.

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Occupational Wellness

Learn how to work more productively and conserve your energy for the things in life that really matter. Improve your work-life balance and find peace at work.

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Physical Wellness

Focus on head-to-toe physical wellness with these presentations about coping with chronic pain, preventing heart disease, alleviating back pain in the work place, and other related topics.

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UF Health Wellness University

UF Health wants to help you discover better health through learning. View recorded presentations from UF Health experts on topics ranging from COVID-19 to migraines, Alzheimer’s, heart health, pregnancy and more.

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Well@UF Video Library

Explore 30-60 minute pre-recorded presentations by UF-UF Health field experts in one of the eight windows to wellness–Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Financial, Occupational, Physical, and Intellectual Wellness.

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