Sweet and Salty Nutrition Challenge

november 7-27

Sweet and Salty is Back!

Eat healthier this holiday season by participating in the Sweet and Salty Nutrition Challenge. This three-week, email-based campaign helps increase your awareness of salt and sugar consumption by helping you learn the lingo on food labels, become a more conscious consumer, and conquer the kitchen!

Sweet and Salty Challenge

Program Overview

Each week will have a different focus. You will receive three educational emails per week for the next three weeks. These emails are designed to inform you on topics related to each week’s focus and provide you with tools to succeed in your individual nutrition goals.

  • Week 1: Learn the Lingo
  • Week 2: Consume Consciously
  • Week 3: Conquer the Kitchen

Please contact GatorCare Wellness at gatorcarewellness@shands.ufl.edu for any questions.