Money 2020

what's your 2020 vision?

Money 2020

Learn how to develop, adjust, and implement a budget in your own life with this 12-month challenge. Special topics include paying off debt, preparing for the holidays, giving, and spending fasts.

Money 2020


Track Your Expenses

Start your budgeting journey by writing down all your expenses.

Track your expenses


Categorize Your Expenses

After tracking, put your expenses into categories.

Categorize your expenses


Create a Budget

Learn how to make a zero-based budget.

Create a budget


Stay in Budget for One Category

Choose one cateogry and be sure to stay within your budget.

Stay in budget in one category


Stay in Budget for All Categories

Stay in budget for all of your expense categories this month.

Stay in budget for all categories


Adjust Your Budgets

Where can you save? Adjust your budgets based on your spending.

Adjust your spending categories


Pay Off Your Debt

Find the payoff method that works for you.

Pay off your debt


Savings Accounts

Learn about different t ypes of savings accounts, and find what works for you.

Savings Accounts


Prepare for the Holidays

Try this holiday expense tracker to stay on top of your holiday spending.

Prepare for the holidays


Try a Spending Fast

Up for a financial challenge? Try one of these spending fasts to reset your habits.

Try a spending fast


Budgeting for Giving

Charitable giving is an important part of our budget. Find ways to budget for giving this holiday season.

Budgeting for Giving


Create a One-Year Budget

Look forward to the year ahead and plan for longer-term goals.

Create a one year budget