Video Library

Learn more about nutrition, emotional health, stress management, mindfulness, and more through our library of pre-recorded wellness talks, interactive learning modules, and streamed wellness classes. Enjoy 5 to 45-minute strength, yoga, stretching, and meditation classes available on demand, no equipment needed. Develop new wellness behaviors on your time, wherever you are.


Well@UF Video Library

Explore 30-60 minute pre-recorded presentations by UF-UF Health field experts in one of the eight windows to wellness–Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Financial, Occupational, Physical, and Intellectual Wellness.

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GatorCare Wellness Library

View our library of 30-60 minute recorded presentations on diverse wellness topics. Additional topics are available for live presentations with a GatorCare wellness team member.

graphics of the 8 windows to wellness. red emotional window with a heart. purple intellectual window with a lightbulb. yellow spiritual window with a sun. green environmental window with a tree. blue physical window with a weight. orange social window. light green financial window with a money sign. light blue occupational window with a briefcase.

Meditation + Relaxation

Explore our meditation and relaxation resources, including live-streamed classes, pre-recorded sessions, and a self-guided meditation challenge. Sign up for a weekly mindfulness email and receive presentations by field experts.

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Cardio + Interval Training

Elevate your heart rate and exercise your muscles with these 15-30 minute pre-recorded interval training workouts.

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Focus on total-body strength training with these pre-recorded 5-15 minute workouts. No equipment is needed, and all fitness levels are welcome.



Increase blood flow to your whole body or to specific muscle groups with these focused stretching sessions. Sessions last from 5 to 15 minutes and require no equipment.

man stretching with leg up on wall reaching for toes


Enjoy 5 – 45 minutes of yoga practices focusing on balance, specific regions of the body, or different chakras. Chair sessions also included for ease of completion in the workplace.