Weight Management

In pursuit of a healthier community, GatorCare has compiled fitness, nutrition, and other whole-health resources to help you live a healthy life and maximize your wellness.


Healthy Lifestyle Program

Join this six-week virtual series exploring different elements of creating a healthy lifestyle. Session topics include goal setting, physical activity, nutrition, energy balance, stress management, and resilience. Participate at your own pace.

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Pre-Recorded Classes

View our library of pre-recorded yoga, strength, cardio, and stretching wellness classes. Classes range from 5 to 45 minutes, and no equipment is needed. Work out on your schedule.

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Window to Wellness

View our comprehensive list of physical wellness resources. Get involved with our wellness challenges, campus walking maps, and body composition screenings.

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Video Library

View our comprehensive library of nutrition presentations, including nutrition and immune function, nutrition mythbusters, food safety FAQ, and all about sugar.

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Sweet and Salty

Participate in our three-week sweet and salty challenge to learn how much sugar and salt is actually in your diet. Receive daily reminders and emails with information and resources.

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Ask the Dietitian

Do you have nutrition questions you’d like to ask an expert? Registered Dietitian Jon Vredenberg of Employee Wellness Jacksonville is happy to answer your questions. Submit them online.

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Emotional Wellness

Video Library

View our comprehensive library of emotional wellness presentations, covering topics such as coping with stress, mindfulness, resilience, and digital detox.

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Window to Wellness

View our comprehensive list of emotional, spiritual, and social wellness resources. Practice mindfulness, participate in wellness challenges, and connect with UF and UF Health programs.

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