Herb Recipes

herb recipes

Recipes for your herbs! Click the links below to download a print-friendly version.

Herb-Infused Oil Recipes


Tabbouleh: A spin on the original, made with nutritional powerhouse quinoa. Use as a delicious, plant-rich main dish or as a side.

Pesto: Combines mint and parsley for a twist on traditional basil pesto. Add to sandwiches, pizza, pasta, roasted vegetables and poultry.


Pesto: Simplicity at its best. A nutritious and flavorful way to incorporate extra-virgin olive oil into your day.

Strawberry Salsa: Strawberry’s sweetness melds with the basil and shallot’s assertiveness to provide a unique accompaniment to roasted meats and fish.


Salmon: Simple lemon and dill roasted salmon with minimal clean up. A quick and nutritious preparation to increase omega 3’s in your diet.

Ranch Dressing: Healthy alternative to the classic, made with Greek yogurt.