Wellness Committee

Formed in the spring of 2013, the UF and UF Health Wellness Committee aims to provide enhanced wellness opportunities for employees of both organizations while exploring potential opportunities to maximize shared resources and expertise.

The committee seeks to promote current wellness opportunities while developing collaborative wellness initiatives that foster a healthy community and improved employee well-being.  Our vision is to model a culture of health through collaboration and implementation of evidence-based practices to provide a comprehensive wellness program that supports employees in reaching their highest potential and manages healthcare costs.

If you would like more information or have questions about the committee and its work, please contact Mallory Rubek, UF Health Co-Chair, at rubekm@shands.ufl.edu or Yusof Al-Wadei, UF Co-Chair, at yalwadei@ufl.edu

Committee Members

  • Janet Christie | UF Health Shands Human Resources, Sponsor
  • Yusof Al-Wadei | UF Human Resource Services, Co-Chair
  • Mallory Rubek | GatorCare, Co-Chair
  • Holly Alford | GatorCare
  • Lauren Arce | UF Health Arts in Medicine and Nursing
  • Alicia Baker | UF GatorWell
  • Terri Barton | UF Health Shands Human Resources
  • Angie Brown | UF Human Resource Services
  • Darcie Burde | UF RecSports
  • Kaitlyn Cantor | Florida Blue
  • Catherine Cramp | UF RecSports
  • Shannon Crowley | GatorCare
  • Fletcher Eaton | UF Health EAP
  • Elijah Fletcher | UF Health
  • Kristina Garcia | UF College of Health and Human Performance
  • Jan Goess | Florida Blue
  • Scotty Green | Florida Blue
  • Kim Holton | UF College of Health and Human Performance
  • Denise Huggins | UF Health Shands Human Resources
  • Paula Jackson | UF Health Shands Human Resources
  • Jennifer Kennymore | UF GatorWell
  • Karla Logston | Florida Blue
  • Tyler Mayo | UF College of Medicine
  • Traye McGehee | UF Health Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Michelle Moore | UF Health Strategic Communications
  • Diana Morris | UF College of Medicine Housestaff and Graduate Medical Education
  • Marsha Mott | UF Health Shands Communications
  • Joe Munson | UF Health Psychiatric Hospital
  • Katie Rogers | UF College of Medicine
  • Tara Sabo-Atwood | UF College of Public Health and Health Professions
  • Dr. Jill Sumfest | GatorCare
  • Katie Olson | GatorCare
  • Allison Vitt | UF Office of Sustainability
  • Karyn Wagner | UF Health Shands Occupational Health
  • Monica Webb | UF GatorWell
  • Hayden Wygant | UF Health EAP