Wellness Week @ Professional Park Info

February 26 – March 1

Wellness Week @ Professional Park is coming very soon!

Join us for a journey to total wellness at UF Health Professional Park's Wellness Week! This week is devoted to celebrating the employees of Professional Park in anticipation of Employee Appreciation Day, March 1. We're excited to invite you to a week-long celebration of your health and well-being, where we'll explore and nurture the physical, social, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of wellness.

Wellness Week Calendar Info

This Wellness Week will feature:
🧘 Meditation and Zen Room: Discover tranquility and inner peace in our serene meditation space, designed to help you unwind, disconnect, and de-stress.
🥜 Build Your Own Trail Mix: Get creative and concoct your personalized trail mix to fuel your energy throughout the day. * while supplies last*
🍏 Nutrition Education: Learn the secrets to eating well in the workplace with informative resources and yummy recipes that will empower you to make healthy food choices.
🌱 Embark on a Scavenger Hunt: Experience an exciting scavenger hunt across all of the Professional Park building, unlocking new clues and stamps along the way!
🌄 Enjoy Outdoor Fun Friday: Embrace the beauty of the outdoors with a variety of fun lawn games. including corn hole, big Jenga, and more. Let’s get moving! 
This Wellness Week is your opportunity to prioritize self-care, connect with your colleagues, and build a stronger, healthier community of workplace wellness. Mark your calendar and join us for a week of holistic well-being that will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired.