Talkspace Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible to utilize the GatorCare Talkspace program?

All active GatorCare members, including spouses and dependents, who are 13 years and older are eligible for online and live video Talkspace mental health therapy. All active members who are 18 years and older are eligible for Talkspace psychiatry services.

Is GatorCare’s Talkspace program unlimited?

GatorCare members do not have session limits. However, Talkspace is only able to load 30 sessions at a time, so when your provider tells you that you are getting low on credits or have run out of credits, submit a request here to have your session limit refreshed at no cost to you.

Is there any cost to GatorCare’s Talkspace Program?

Talkspace is a separate, value added service that does not have benefit-associated cost share such as copays and coinsurance. Talkspace is no cost to eligible users through the registration site. However, GatorCare will not waive late or no-show penalties.

How do I sign up for my GatorCare Talkspace membership?

Please wait 4-6 weeks after your first day of coverage under GatorCare to register for Talkspace through GatorCare. It takes a few weeks for your eligibility to be processed. You can then register at Please use a web browser to register; then download the Talkspace app for ease of use. If you have any questions regarding the app or registration process, check out this registration guide.

Can I also sign up my dependents?

Yes! Simply add a new service under the Eligibility and Coverage section of the settings tab.

Can I register for the Talkspace program using the Talkspace app?

No. In order to access Talkspace, you must register at via a web browser. After completing registration and creating an account, you can download and use the Talkspace app for ongoing therapy engagement.

How quickly should I hear from my therapist?

Messaging between users and Talkspace therapists is asynchronous, meaning that users and therapists do not communicate in real time. You can reach out to your therapist as often as you need to (and at any time of day), and expect to hear back from your therapist within one working day. If your therapist is responding less frequently than daily/five days a week, please submit a request to the Talkspace support team here.

If I am currently participating in counseling through Talkspace, can I receive psychiatry services as well? And vice versa?

Yes. You are able to have multiple “rooms” open in your account, allowing you to see different providers with different specialties. Email Talkspace Support to request the additional service you would like added to your account, and they will provide you with a link to select an additional provider.

Is couples/marriage counseling available through the GatorCare Talkspace benefit?

No.  Couples/marriage counseling is not a service currently provided.

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If you have additional questions, please view additional FAQs here. To reach a member of the Talkspace support team, submit a request here.