Step into the New Year with Registration Link

January 3-30

Individual-Based Walking Challenge

Start 2022 off on the right foot! Meet your personal step goals while journeying through a brand new year. This four-week, individual walking challenge will have you learning about unique celebrations and traditions around the globe. Take a step toward your wellness today!

step into the new year walking challenge; new year themed background

About the Challenge

Step into the New Year is a four-week, individual-based walking challenge. Set your daily step goal and track your progress using the Walker Tracker website/app.

Register Here

Join the challenge on Walker Tracker. Create an account (or sign in) and join the challenge by finding “Step into the New Year” under the “challenges” tab. Need help figuring out Walker Tracker? Check out the help section below!

Walker Tracker Help

If this is your first time using Walker Tracker, you can get your questions answered by watching the tutorial videos below! Learn how to create an account, synchronize a device, or add steps manually. Walker Tracker can synchronize with multiple devices including Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, and more. If you do not have a supported device, you can manually enter your steps throughout the challenge (mobile instructions; browser instructions).

Please note: You must do one or the other, not both. For example, if you have your Fitbit connected you cannot manually track your steps too.

If you are having difficulty registering for or using Walker Tracker, check out the tutorial videos below or contact Walker Tracker Support. Additional questions can be answered at Walker Tracker FAQs!

Creating an Account

Synchronizing a Device

Adding Steps Manually

Contact GatorCare Wellness with additional questions.