Spring 2024 Team Walking Challenge: Destination Vacation

April 1 – 28

Destination: Vacation

Get ready for an island get-away by joining our Destination Vacation team walking challenge! Who says vacations are all about lounging around? Let's get active and explore some of the world’s breathtaking island destinations via a virtual map. Grab that sunscreen; you’re on your way to an exciting adventure!

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Getting Started

  1. The first step is to gather your team. Teams consist of at least two people! Your team could be you and your coworkers, your family members, or a nice mix of both!
  2. Are you leading the team? Congrats, you are the Captain! Click here to view our detailed Captain’s Guide.
  3. Next, make sure everyone on your team has a Walker Tracker account. This is the platform we use to host the challenge. Create an account at GatorCare.WalkerTracker.com. If you are the Captain, you’ll need to create a team as well. Click here to view our detailed Captain’s Guide.
  4. You’re almost there! Next, make sure every person on your team completes our registration form. You can click the button above or register directly here (each participants needs to do so).
  5. Finally, join your team to the Destination Vacation challenge on Walker Tracker.
  6. If you have questions, please thoroughly review our FAQs below. Those will most likely provide you with the answers you are looking for. For additional information, click here to view Walker Tracker’s FAQs or email GatorCareWellness@shands.ufl.edu.


How do I remove members from my team?

  • There are two options. 1) Have the person remove themselves from your team. If that’s not possible, 2) email GatorCareWellness@shands.ufl.edu with your team name and the username(s) of who you need to be removed and we will do it for you!

Why won’t my device sync with Walker Tracker?

  • Most devices should sync with Walker Tracker. But if you have a Samsung, for example, you may not be able to sync because it’s not compatible with the platform. If you have trouble syncing a device, we suggest manually entering your steps. Click here to view sync-able devices.

How do I sync my steps for credit during the challenge?

  • Go into your Walker Tracker app or pull up Walker Tracker on a browser and sync your device or manually enter your steps. Make sure to do this as consistently as you can, but on a weekly basis, minimum. Depending on your device, you may need to actually open the app for your steps to be recorded.

What day do I need to sync my steps in order to recent credit?

  • During this challenge, we will post results weekly. The week starts on a Monday and ends on a Sunday. Make sure you sync all of your steps every Monday morning so that the previous week’s results are captured. The actual deadline is Tuesdays at noon, but the earlier the better. Remember, the challenge starts Monday, April 1 – 28 make sure to sync your steps on April 8 for the first week!

How is it fair to have teams of different sizes? 

  • Because we have teams of varying sizes, instead of tallying team TOTAL steps, we take the team AVERAGE. This ensures that all weekly rankings are fair.
    • For example, if a team of two each got 50,000 steps for week one of the challenge, their total steps would be 100,000 steps. Let’s say a team of 20 also each got 50,000 steps during week one. Their total would be 1,000,000 steps! It wouldn’t be fair to compare totals. Instead, we take the average, which would be 50,000 for BOTH teams!

Why am I not receiving milestone content?

  • Make sure that under your Walker Tracker settings, you have email/milestone notifications toggled ON. This will ensure that you receive an email at each milestone with information about the different music cities! You don’t want to miss out. 

What devices can I use with Walker Tracker?

  • Common devices that are compatible with Walker Tracker include FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch (paired via Apple Health), and Polar.  Click here to review the full list.

Can I manually enter my steps for credit?

  • Yes! You can manually track your steps but only if you don’t have a device connected to the Walker Tracker app.

Can I participate in more than one team?

  • No, Walker Tracker will only allow you to be on one team per team walking challenge.

I don’t want to participate on a team, but I still want to use Walker Tracker, what do I do?

  • We have created a public team to join called “Gators Getaway”, that way you can still participate without the pressure of being on a team. Join that team here.

Why are my steps not syncing properly? What do I do?

What do my points mean?

  • The points you see in the app do not relate to GatorCare’s ranking system. The point system is within the app and acts as a frame to give you a sense of progression within the app, rewarding commitment and endurance, leadership, and involvement. For GatorCare team walking challenges we focus on steps rather than the points given on Walker Tracker.