Pharmacy Deductible

GatorCare members are required to satisfy a prescription drug deductible for purchases of all Tier 2-5 prescription drugs before the plan’s prescription benefits apply.  The deductible amount is $100 per covered person, with a deductible cap of $400 per family.  Each member will pay the deductible plus any applicable coinsurance, up to the cost of the drug. For drugs that cost less than $100, members will pay the cost of the drug, until the $100 prescription drug deductible is met.  The deductible applies regardless of whether you purchase your prescription from a retail or mail order pharmacy. Representatives at the Magellan Rx Call Center have access to the GatorCare formulary and can review the formulary for a prescribed medication, determine it’s tier, and if not on Tier 1, suggest other medications in the same therapeutic class found in Tier 1. They can be reached at 800-651-8921.

The prescription drug deductible does not apply to Healthy Rewards HSA.