Out of State and Emergency Care

Q. What happens if I am out of the state and need medical care?

A. There are many participating Network Blue Tier 2 providers in the United States and abroad. You can access a listing of these Tier 2 participating providers on Florida Blue’s website, www.Floridablue.com. On the provider directory home page, click FIND DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS WORLDWIDE, or FIND DOCTORS AND HOSPITALS NATIONALLY. Your policy does provide benefits for emergency room services, even at non-participating providers who are considered Tier 3, out-of–network.


Q. What happens if a life-threatening event occurs and I am taken to an out-of-network facility for emergency care?

A. In the case of a life threatening emergency, a member should seek medical care. If possible, Florida Blue and your primary care physician should be immediately contacted. After the emergency facility has stabilized your medical condition, arrangements should be made to transfer you to an in-network facility. Upon request, the events and claims may be reviewed to determine if the claim should be processed with in-network level of benefits. However, the member may be responsible for satisfying any balancing billing that may occur by an out-of-network provider