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GatorCare is committed to your health and well-being.

Whether you are newly diagnosed with a medical condition or are helping to care for a loved one with a condition, we want to provide you with the tools you need to manage your health. Review the health topics listed here for information, resources, and programs that may be available to you. Check back frequently as we are often adding to our library of resources.


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Diabetes Resources

Whether you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes or have been living with it since childhood, GatorCare has resources to help you manage your condition.


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Genetic Testing

GatorCare has contracted with PreventionGenetics Labs to perform medically necessary genetic testing for our members.


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Nutrition Counseling

If you want to build a healthier relationship with food but aren’t sure where to start, speak with a registered dietitian at no cost to you!

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Pregnancy Resources

Every expectant mother wants the best for her baby. This program works with you and your health care provider to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

UF Domestic Partners

General and Exclusive Resources

Tobacco Cessation

Whether you are attempting to quit tobacco for the first time or the last time, the following free resources will help you achieve your goal.

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Power your success with our new personal assessment and behavior change science to help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate.

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