Meditation Recordings

Improve your emotional and physical well-being with just 10 minutes of meditation each day. The following videos guide you through brief, evidence-based meditation practices to reconnect with yourself and your environment.

Take 10 Guided Meditation

Take 10 minutes to improve your emotional and psychological wellbeing through meditation. Enjoy these recordings led by experts around UF.

woman sitting in meditation pose next to water during beautiful sunset

Relax Series

Practice relaxation wherever you are with these 15-minute sessions focusing on guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and the sights and sounds of nature.


30-Minute Meditations

View over 100 pre-recorded 30-minute meditation sessions provided by the UF Department of Psychiatry. Session techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, yoga nidra, autogenic training, and breath work.

image of an alligator meditating sitting on a rock amidst water with a sunset background

Therapeutic Meditation

Enjoy 15-45 minute recorded meditation sessions from the UF Health Integrative Medicine Program. Practice guided imagery, loving kindness, yoga nidra for deep relaxation, and other guided meditations

a leaf resting on a stone sitting in concentric circles of gray sand