Hispanic Heritage Month

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Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage month is September 15th to October 15th, and GatorCare has an exciting lineup of resources and programming in the works to celebrate! Share your Hispanic Heritage Month testimony and check back here to see your coworker’s stories. Keep reading to learn more about Hispanic American culture and history.

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60.5 Million Hispanic Americans live in the US*

19.8 Million Hispanic Americans were born in another country*

36 Percent of Hispanic Americans speak both Spanish and English*

*Pew research Center, 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month Testimonials

Check back here to see what your colleagues shared about what Hispanic Heritage Month means to them!

Hispanic American History

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Latin America Fast Facts

The countries and territories of Latin America create a vibrant tapestry of diverging cultures and customs that are tied together by a shared language and history. Click the link below to learn more about each one!

How Cubans Invented Miami

Following waves of Cuban migration, Miami has transformed from a sleepy port city to a metropolis of exploding Cuban culture, dialect, and enterprises. Click the link below to learn more about Cuban immigrants’ influence on Florida’s most recognizable city.

Ellen Ochoa’s Flight on Discovery

Inventor and engineer Ellen Ochoa was the first Hispanic woman in space, making her inaugural flight as an astronaut aboard the space shuttle Discovery in April 1993. She logged almost 1000 hours in space and now serves as the director of the Johnson Space Center.

Cesar Chavez’s Fight for Rights

Mexican-American Cesar Chavez has cemented his place in Hispanic American history as a labor rights activist through his work creating the National Farm Workers Association. Learn more about his contribution to US labor law below.

Spanish Harlem

Following World War 2, a flood of Puerto Rican migrants established themselves in a neighborhood of Northeast Manhattan, soon dubbed “el barrio” (neighborhood) and “Spanish Harlem.” Learn more about how Puerto Ricans transformed their neighborhood while remembering their home below.


Spanish Medical Terms

If you are a provider or accompany your Spanish-speaking loved ones to health appointments, visit the link below to learn medical term translations to better facilitate provider-patient communications.

Platillos Sabrosos Recipe Guide

Interested in traditional Latin cuisines that are also good for your health? Look no further than the healthy Latino recipe guide linked below, complete with appetizers, entrees, and desserts.