Healthier Meetings

GatorCare, UF and UF Health are committed to helping employees achieve optimal health and well-being. The relationship between diet and health makes supporting nutritious choices at work an important part of our commitment.

We pledge to:

  • Refrain from serving food at meetings unless they take place during regular meal times and last more than one hour.
  • Include healthy choices whenever food and beverages are provided.
  • Include healthy food choices in vending machines.
  • Educate employees, managers and supervisors about the pledge and its part in our commitment to the health and well-being of our staff.


We acknowledge that:

These guidelines are not intended to dictate what individuals eat or drink themselves, or bring into the worksite to celebrate special occasions. They are designed to help staff make healthy food and beverage choices available at all employer-funded meetings, trainings and events.


Sign the pledge and use this guide to make your next meeting healthier!

  • Print the pledge
  • Access the electronic Healthier Meeting Guidelines
  • Access the printable version of the Healthier Meeting Guidelines