Healthier You Walking Challenge

August 30 – September 26

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It’s time to kickstart some good habits and get back to walking. Strengthen your heart, muscles, and bones with this free and low-impact form of exercise. Learn more about the Healthier You Walking Challenge below. Encourage your coworkers to join, too!

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Healthier You Walking Challenge

Join this four-week walking challenge to develop healthy habits for your physical and emotional wellness. This self-paced, individual challenge will have you back on track with your wellness goals.

Note: This walking challenge is non-competitive. Push yourself to be your best!

How to Participate

  1. Create an account with Walker Tracker. If you already have an account, simply log in!
  2. Join the “Healthier You” Walking Challenge! It will be one of the featured challenges immediately after you log in to Walker Tracker.
  3. Start stepping! The challenge begins August 30. Rack up as many steps (or comparable activities) as you can by September 26. Don’t forget to sync your device throughout the challenge!

Note: This challenge does allow for “converted activities.” You can submit time spent bicycling, running, lifting weights, gardening, etc. as steps. View instructions on submitting converted activities on the app or from a web browser.

Walker Tracker

Before the challenge begins, feel free to familiarize yourself with Walker Tracker. For optimal results, download the Walker Tracker app to easily enter your daily steps and receive daily reminders and encouragement.

For ease of participation, synchronize your Fitbit, Apple Watch, Garmin, Google device, and more with the app. If you do not have a supported device, you can manually enter your steps throughout the challenge (mobile instructions; browser instructions).

If you are having difficulty registering for or using Walker Tracker, check out our tutorial videos below or view the Walker Tracker FAQs! Otherwise contact the GatorCare Wellness Team.

Creating an Account

Adding Steps Manually

Adding a Device